Monday, May 16, 2011

weekend tidbits

this weekend wasn't overly stellar. there weren't any serendipity moments, but it was still relaxing (for the most part) and i enjoyed it with the nuggets. mother nature descended her hormonal mood onto us, so we did the best to enjoy our time indoors & out when we could.

lou has had an awful time with this cast. i'm pretty sure some of these docs received their credentials from a cracker jack box - and jack sparrow has significant qualifications that would help me make the decision to choose him over the idiots that have been treating my poor puddin'. we are, at this point, on cast #3. yes, i am not lying, we are on cast number three. first, the surgeon decided that miraculously after one week of a cast, she was cured. must be the special love i was putting in her water, it helped heal her bones - which, wouldn't that make me a miracle healer? i need to start making money off of this! so, this jerk, takes off her cast. for 24 hours quincess was in extreme amounts of pain & i just couldn't take it anymore so took her back to the hospital. this treatment? it wasn't much better than the spectacular (eye roll) awful help we had received the day before. this gentleman puts a new cast on her that ends directly over top of her fracture - now i'm not a scientist, & do not have any credentials (other than being a kick ass momma) to qualify me as a doctor. however, it isn't rocket science to realize that ending the cast over top of the fracture is going to cause significant pain & isn't going to work - duuuuh!

back to urgent care we went where we actually met an intellectually certified individual to help us. his exact words "this cast is stupid and ridiculous, what a waste of materials! no wonder this princess is in pain" well halle-freaking-lujah! somebody is in their right mind and is using their brain. which, if you didn't know, brains were given to us for a reason! so lou is in the proper cast & no longer in pain.

roundhouse kicks & cartwheels please!

well, other than that fiasco, we enjoyed some stove-top popcorn; late naps, movie watching, & enjoyed some bbq'd burgers at grammadukes house. i'd say that qualifies for a pretty kick ass weekend!

oh & lets not forget that i found -finally- an awesome app for my blackberry! if you're a blackberry or android user you are pretty envious of the iPhone crusaders using a fancy little app called well, look no further, i have found something equivalent for blackberry! fistpump!

pixtrix is superfantastic, super easy, and totally free! lets you add filters on your pics, lets you crop, resize, and rotate, & you can upload directly to facebook. (hopefully it lets you tweet them soon.)

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