Wednesday, June 15, 2011

mr man k anecdotes

k: Mooom -- i think my butt just delivered a skunk, it smells baaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!! Whew! 

me: really? 


k: oh mommmmm
me: yes love.
k: i have the haircups - they scaaaare me.
me: you have the what?
k: the HAIRcups. like thomas.
me: you mean the hiccups?
k: yaaaa that's what i said! the haircups!

k: moom! i don't know what happened?!?!?
me: did it happen to land in the dishwater?
k: i don't know what happened!!??!?

k: there is something wrong with my shirt?
me: what is wrong with it? it looks fine to me.
k: it's missing the arms.
me: it's called a muscle shirt - shows off your musKles (mus-K-les)
k: no, it's a tarzan shirt.
me: why is it a tarzan shirt?
k: because only jungle boys would wear shirts with no sleeves and i have on no pants!
me: really? why would jungle boys have no sleeves?
k: maybe a aminal ate them!

me: omg k! you have mad gas tonight! you stiiiink!

he comes up..
pulls down his underwear..
bends over .. i see his peep hole.. and he proceeds to say..
(while on his head)
"did I shart!?"

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