Wednesday, June 15, 2011

easy peasy peanut butter cookies tute!

thanks to theeee coolest, superfantastic, kick ass, gotta love her bff nikki -my cali girl.. she gave me one helluva great recipe to make easy peasy peanut butter morsels of love. with mr man being away last weekend and just having lou & my niece. whatelse are we going to bake other than SOMETHING with peanut butter - der. it was a no-brainer.

i wanted an easy recipe that my niece could maneuver her way through without a lot of help from me. &of course, lou was super-baker-girl and helped right along with my niece lickin' her fingers and the spoon every step of the way. lou's favourite part? putting on the chocolate chips - my kind of girl!

they were faaaab so of course i have a tute to share.
it's super duper kid friendly. & i'll be indulging once again when mr man has a weekend away.

so are ya ready?

easy peasy peanut butter (kid friendly) cookies
1 egg
1 cup sugar (white)
1 cup peanut butter
choco chips optional

bake @ 350
6-8 min or until golden brown
lets go!