Wednesday, May 4, 2011

hi blog, it's meeeee stacey...

my poor corner of the interwebs, i have to dust the cob webs off of you. were you fed? did my fans play paula dean and keep you fattened whilst i was away? this last week was even more of a kerfluffle than last week. holy batman, i didn't even think that were possible, but here i sit proving myself wrong.

write off.

that's pretty much how i will explain it. if you were captain hook and i were peter pan you would have pushed me off the plank and there would be no happy ending. srsly.

i won't go into a rant as i was doing things that i was happy doing. helping my parents move, their new house - beautiful. but flipping a house in 2 weeks including moving into it, however possible,

it's now done and over with, and the granbabies are all overly destroying enjoying it, us adults as well. i was hoping to get this week back on track. into our routine. yanno, act a little less like heathens more like stand-up citizens of our surrounding population. whomp.

yesterday, i was looking oh so forward to my routine 6-week juice up. maybe give me a little boost of speed, something, to help with the routine make-over. i sent gramma shopping with the kids to get lou some new spring clothes since she got the wrong elixer and instead of  honey i shrunk the kid, she got honey i blew up the kid. so they went and did some fun bonding. shopped until they dropped - no pun intended.

when i went to get in the truck after my infusion - the first words out of gramma dukes mouth were  "i think lou broke her leg" ... uh? come again? i think my ears just faulted me, did you just say her leg is broken?

my ears did not fail me, she repeated herself. UM what happened!!???? thankfully, puddin' was sleeping so we headed back to our town. we got out at the movie store and i wanted to see if she'd put weight on her leg- no bueno. off to the hospital we went, my mom explaining the story to me on the way..

which went something like this...

they were strollin' along, browsing racks at un-named store - lou in the seat, k on the end. k jumps off, the cart goes ass over tea kettle, lou going face first into the ground. (mamadukes had prior issues with the cart tipping) mamadukes whom is right at the cart and felt her face skin her leg quickly picks her up with her IN the cart and immediately starts cuddling her. takes her out and leaves the store. when they get to the truck she's bending her leg checking it out, nothing. so she tried standing her up - well smack my ass and call me stacey, it was.not.happening. she couldn't bare any weight on it whatsoever. ugg. so mamadukes puts her in her carseat and comes to pick me up.. and were back to my surprise getting into the truck.

so i get her registered into the hospital and they take me back with her immediately (service with a smile, minus the big mac) the doc is there waiting for me. - ohmygod am i in trouble? they're never work this fast - they check her out, ripping her leg to a fro, and she's like nooo peeps, it hurts RIGHT here!!! pointing to a little tiny bruise on her right shin. so the doc is like, nope not broken - i bet she just got scared, lets try walking her to get a popsicle. so down she went.. nurse holding one hand, me holding the other. a popsicle didn't even make the cut of enticing her to put weight on her leg. it just was not happening. so they whisked us off to xray. (heart starts sinking)

quick pictures, and back to the bed. i hear the doctor say "wow! i would have never guessed i would be looking at this" so i lean over and catch the nurses eye where she smiles at me and mouths "it is broken". tears immediately came to my eyes. lou saying "can i have another popsicle momma?"

why doc, why!? why would you tell me that there is no way it's broken?

miss lou is clearly a martre!  this child has a broken right tibia halfway between the knee and ankle. dear jesus, what just happened? are you freakin kidding me???? she was so happy. singing her abc's eating every.single.popsicle each and every nurse brought to her. announcing to everyone walking by she was in a carT accident. me - dead.

so, she's casted. baby casted. her entire leg covered in big fat white plaster. graffitied to the nines by her loving family, and shes carried around like king tut, proud as a peacock of her cool new battle wound. showing everybody and announcing at the top of her lungs what happened. remember: she was in a carT accident.

i'm exhausted, wondering when i'm going to get a rest - uh never. my poor body is in overdrive and my brain/mouth are not in unison, pretty sure the ramblings coming out of my mouth are spews of broken english. i promise, i am canadian and 100% english speaking, but if you see me right now.. i am making up my own language a little pirate, maybe a tid bit of english, a little jibberish, fancy talk thankyouverymuch.

so that's us, in a nutshell. i am now a professional waiter. waiting on quincess, whom is enjoying her new found crown. loving and hating every minute. she's driving me to drink. teaching her to be high maintenance was a bad thing, very bad thing. siiiiiiiiiigh. and the little bugger has already learned how to scoot around, and she's quick. she couldn't give me 48hrs of somber.


  1. Awww!! Nothing keeps Princess Lulu down!

  2. Yikes!! Poor Lu! Glad she seems ok though, but so sorry you now have to wait on her hand and foot...or leg...whatever! Hopefully she heals fast!

  3. Poor Quinny!! Such a champ! I hope she feels better soon.