Friday, April 29, 2011

for your entertainment.

bask in the incredibly knowledgeable and witty children that i have. they not only teach you to love one another, they also show you how to poke/pinch/prod, try to over-shadow, and just plain act like fools.  loveable fools at that. don't mind the cat calls (me) in the background, i'd love to tell you that i normally don't sound like that, but i do. shh!

i knew, just KNEW, on this boring friday night that you're just like me and having nothing better to do with your friday night. so, youre thinking "stacey post another blog so i have something to entertain me". your requests overcame me and i answered your lonely friday night blues, all just for you! enjoy. teach your children (if they're around) not to try this at home, and if you're looking for new ways to sing songs - i got your back! 

tell me that this video didn't just brighten your day and give you the power of knowledge? look at you, you now have ample lessons on how to integrate different songs together, and you quite possible could get a record deal learning these invaluable lessons.


ps. you have tonight and tomorrow left to get free advertising!