Friday, May 13, 2011

feature friday flogger

it's about time blogger is back up and running smoothly.

i've been extremely excited for this week's feature friday flogger and of course blogger had to go and act like dr jekyl and mrs hyde. so without anymore delay, i am beyond giddy to introduce jennifer from tatertots and jello.

have you been there? well, if you haven't, finish reading this interview and get on over there & shame on you!!! this blog and her abundance of crafty pants must be endured in your lifetime - over and over and over again. :) i love everything about jennier's blog - ever.y.thing. 


Hi! I'm Jen from Tatertots and Jello!!  I am an impatient crafter with an unhealthy obsession with Chevron and Subway Art. I am also a mom of four wonderful kiddos, 1 boy and three girls. And we are currently living in Utah. 

what made you start to blog?
My sister was a blogger and she kept telling me how wonderful blogging was. I just didn't get it. Then, one day three years ago, I was having a bad day and I started my blog. It started out as a place to keep my creative ideas and projects and grew. 

what do you like to blog about and why? 
I love anything creative. And I love trying new things. So my blog is still mostly about my projects and things that I love. But I also love to promote other people and projects. I would say I get the most joy out of sharing other talented people with my readers. 

what's your favourite part about being a mom? why?
There are so many things I love about being a mom. Probably my favorite thing is seeing my kids grow and turn into these unique, funny, sweet people. They are each unique and wonderful in their own way. 

what do you like to do in your spare time? no kids.
I love to read. I read every day. Usually when I eat lunch I read some of my book and then at night before I go to bed I read too. I love historical fiction, specifically novels set in the middle ages and I also like chick lit. 


  1. Thanks for featuring me Stacey!! I had so much fun!


  2. Jen, I love your obsession with chevrons and subway art! haha! Keep it up I say!

  3. Jen is awesome!!! I browse her wonderful blog over morning coffee everyday....I find wonderful ideas and motivation wrapped in one blog. Thanks tatortots & jello!! Johanna xo
    Over @ Huggs and Kisses xo

  4. Jen was my inspiration to becoming crafty (or discovering I had it in me to be crafty:), and starting a blog! I recommend her blog to all who ask me where I get my ideas. Tatortots and Jello is the place to start!