Tuesday, April 26, 2011

here we go again, ready?

Polos, Pearls, & Pacifiers

alright, here we go for our 3rd time. 
the other ones you can catch up here & here.

51. thunderstorms scare me.
52. the toilet seat belongs closed when not being used.
53. there is only one way to fold towels, my way.
54. sitting in the sun/shade surrounded by warm weather - heaven.
55. my kids get dressed nice, daily - i do not. (yoga pants for life.)
56. i have an addiction to home reno shows. (hgtv)
57. i spend my paycheck in my head before receiving it.
58. im allergic to bees.
59. i have the body (feels like) of an 80yr old.
60. i tend to picture document the silliest things or everything.
61. i dislike camping - immensely. 
62. i like the 4x4ing in the mud - don't like getting dirty.
63. i love watching movies.
64.  bloglovin' & i are tight.
65. lulu's mouth kills me - dead
66. when i start collecting for the kids, i obsess over it until they have everything.
67. i haaaaaate talking on the phone.
68. i love bonfires & drinks.
69. i envy hardcore fashion - couldn't be a fashionista if i tried.
70. i love german food.
71. definition of procrastinator is me.
72. no sleep + me = linda blair in the exorcist
73. the conversations i have in my head are much more interesting than when i talk aloud.
74. i never want to get married.
75. peanut butter & chocolate is the best invention, ever.

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