Thursday, April 28, 2011

drama queen alert!

thursday thoughts.... yes, it's supposed to be that, however i am in no state of mind to give you my utmost quirky thoughts and dialect. in fact i am in such a sour mood posed my exhaustion, i just want to whine whine whine.

i love the mamma and papa dukes, but waaaah dammit I AM TIRED. they are moving into their new house on saturday, but these past two weeks feel like they haven't ended. we are there (all of us, not just me) slaving away. my body feels like i have been whipped over and over telling me to get my ass in gear, and doods, it may be worth it if there were a hot guy whipping me with a washboard chest and a piece of cloth covering his nether regions *snap out of it stacey - keeeeep it together man!!*

side note: they're new house is looking super-fantastic. 

my house - the dumps. keeping up with it annnd my parents sounds like the most assinine idea - ever. thats the truth and i'm stickin' to it, question me on it and you may be liable to get shanked - or something of the sort. i'm too tired to actually shank you but the idea? oh the idea is SO in my head.

the kids have been troopers in every sense of the word, in bed late late, actually sleeping in an extra twenty minutes - and they just watch cartoons in bed while i zone in and out of consciousness. if only my dreams were filled with being fed grapes, sipping from a glass of vino and again that hot piece of meat cooling me off with an overly large feather, whispering sweet nothings in my ear. dreams i tell ya, dreams.

so tomorrow, TOMORROW, i am taking my kids to the movies and we are having a fun - quiet - non-strenuous evening enjoying one anothers company. why? because MY BODY CAN"T DO IT ANYMORE.

by monday i'm gonna need an on-call nurse to clean my dentures, change my diapers, and get me in and out of bed - ya heard! 

rant over.

ps. i don't normally whine like this - except when i'm tired.

pps. don't forget - FREE AD SPACE!!!! Get on it, now.

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