Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i heart books v.3

robert munsch. need i say more?

ever since i was a bambino, robert munsch has been an integral part of my life. during my childhood he was the "go to" man for a great read. he was read to us for as long as i can remember - all through elementary school. i remember having him come to our school and read to us on multiple occasions. (we were lucky, weren't we?)

i learned recently while researching about him, that he really isn't canadian. *gasp* i thought for sure he was, but in fact, he is actually a legal immigrant (alien, tee hee hee) into canada. he taught not too far from where i live today.

all of his books are pretty much amazing. still, as an adult (yes i pride myself on that word.. haha), i love reading his books to my nuggets. they love him. every.single.title - swoon.

one of our daily reads is love you forever. this book is just so incredibly sweet. lulu loves the "baby" and the "grandma", she giggles everytime and tells me often how much she loves mommy. 'tis so sweeeeet. melt.

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.” 
-love you forever, robert munsch 

if you don't have this baby in your collection - abomination. your kids need it, and you want to get it for them. so run, run and buy it. haha kidding. it's a timeless classic that you'll definitely enjoy sharing with your nuggets, i know i do. and it definitely should be added to your home library.

after reading to them tonight and tucking them in - i rushed out to grab my spot on the couch to reeelax. against my wishes, i heard them sneaking down the hallway. i peaked and got a glimpse of them tip-toeing with their pillows/blankets/love items into my bedroom. next i heard the latch on my door and my tv turn on. ensue enormous amounts of giggles. (awww, memories in the making). i let them have at it to enjoy a little fun watching extra tv and staying up late. now i hear nothing but sawing logs coming from their beds.


  1. I have been reading that book to my kids since A was a baby. I think I told you that the other night when I read it I saw tears in J's eyes while I read it <3

  2. I love that book!!! I have been reading to them since they were infants! How can you not? It's such a sweet story. My boys are also huge fans of Mortimer and The Paperbag Princess. For thier birthdays, our friends Ramie and Jenn got the boys a Munsch collection book. It is so heavy and filled with some of the great Munsch stories ever written!! Excellent choice!