Monday, March 21, 2011

monday morning

danielle at sometimes sweet has come up with yet another fabulous idea! (obviously she comes up with tons, if you haven't read her blog, check it) she's decided to set goals [personal] to meet for the week. just little, tiny, insignificant gestures that actually mean more than you would think. i am totally linking to this, and am definitely setting goals. s

i find monday mornings, difficult. i, unlike most, don't have a monday-friday schedule with weekends being my r&r time. monday-sunday is my playground all week and nothing changes from one day to the next, i don't have a full-time job other than being home with the nuggets. most days i "wing" it. try to find things to do, and am on my best behaviour to not allow my children to know how i struggle, daily. i put on my best happy face and act like i don't have a care in the world, other than them.

so here i go, and if my peeps want to do this, link me as well, so danielle can see how her sweet thoughts and ideas reach an amazing amount of people.

the idea is to have five different "better me" goals, that fall under the below categories, to meet in the week. it can be virtually anything. the ideas are can be as big or as small as you want them to be. your playground is at your fingertips, write them out baby!

{nutrition} this week my plan is to cook a proper dinner meal, every night, and eat it. for most that aren't knowledgeable about my disease, i have a very hard time eating most days i can go on eating something small all day, and others - i can eat everything in sight. generally not the best foods, either. i always cook something for my kids, obviously, but this is about me. i vow to eat supper, every night.

{exercise} after last week, and our intense amount of walking, i plan to continue this. on top of the walking, every morning i will do something to get my heart rate up. i haven't worked out all of the details in this idea, as of just yet. however, i will do something.

{relationships} building stronger/personal bonds with my children is always on the top of my agenda, just taking time out of whatever i am doing and being able to include them or have them include me in something that their passionate about. i have been learning in the past few weeks that lulu is very creative in her thinking -artistically- just like i am. it's extremely neat and completely satisfying to see how it goes from generation to generation. i want to integrate some artistic time with her this week. mr man K? i think we have some major track building to do this week. he has mad track building skillz, his obsession with trains is pretty amazing and he has so much amazing knowledge about it, more than i do that's for sure. so - i am going to take time to learn more about it, with him. and i plan to make breakfast with them, a few times this week. swoon. (look out anxiety, you're about to be tested.)

{creativity} lately, on my mind, is my art. i haven't sketched, painted, anything in a very long time. this saddens me. i'm not sure why i ever stopped. got caught up in what we call life, i guess. i have been so incredibly devoted to being the best momma dukes i could be that everything that i am, has been put on the back burner. why? good question. i have lost myself. in saying that, have gained so incredibly much being a mum to these pretty amazing wonderful awesome kids, but who am i? other than, mommy?

{me-time} i need to start reading again. painting/drawing again. continue on with expanding my little space on the web because i love it here. i feel so incredibly lucky to have a part of me on the www. and hey! i guess this is also channeling my inner-creativity. who knew?

so get typing, you bloggers. and if you aren't blogging it - e-mail me. i'll be sure to pass it along to danielle. nothing can feel any better than having a goal or plan for the week. it gives you the spirit and energy to have a heightened desire to be a better you.


  1. This is a great idea. I do something similar with my Happiness Project and I find writing down your ideas for the week really helps you follow thru. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Hey there!
    You have some great goals..think how wonderful your week will be :)
    I love the name of your blog btw--I knew you had to be Canadian :)


  3. ahh I love your goals. So inspiring <3