Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chaotic Tuesdays

Tuesday nights are our "family dinner" nights. Our family of ten gets together either at my house, or my sisters (she lives in the apartment below me) and we make a nice home cooked meal, enjoy some jabber with one another, and just spend some great quality time together (Awwwwww. Be jealous.) For some reason, these nights, always ensues extreme chaotic behaviour. When you get my nieces (5 & 6) and my two children (3 & 4) together it leaves everlasting, irreversible damage to your body parts, it's like entering yourself into the ring and you're Ed McMahon announcing who's coming up in the next fight and reciting the rules over and over again, hoping that somebody is listening enough to understand that following the rules is of the utmost importance.

For some reason acting as if they're in the ring of the WWE and laying the smackdown on one another is the most exciting game they'll ever play, while you sit there trying to talk over them while your ears are ringing from their incessant shrieking and your head is spinning from complete and total chaos right before you.

However,in saying that and im sure your head is spinning reading that, it's really nice to see how much my family enjoys each others company. We're just like any other family in between the "K did this, Q did that, R did this.. you get the idea .. You have a group of people who truly care for one another and love being together. Basically we love together-ness. (Its one of those words that's a must-use!)

On tonight's menu we had some good ol' German Schnitzel, the Canadian way. We use pork center loin chops instead of veal. Some Parmesan baby potatoes, cheese veggies, macaroni/tuna salad, and a loaf of french bread. Want to talk about extreme bloatedness amongst extreme satisfaction? It was devine. Now I feel like I should go running around the block to work it all off, but we all know that this is a fantasy for me, and you can probably hear me muttering "Yeah, right!?" under my breath.

Other than eating, we all hang out, watch the kids pretty much brutalize one another and I find myself leaving at the end of the night with my cheeks hurting from laughing so much. It's these moments, that I realize how important my family actually is..

I love Tuesdays. I look forward to them, not only do I get to eat some stellar amazing super-fantastic food, I get to spend time with the people whom are closest to me, even if we all embody quirks that are most definitely questionable at times. Lol!! It's what makes us such a dynamic family, and who wouldn't want to hang with us?

What did you do on your Tuesday evening?
Do you have family dinners, and how often?

**Disclaimer, no children were harmed during the remake of our WWE match**

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  1. We just hung out last night doing not much of anything. We have family dinners every night but it's just the 4 of us. My extended family lives too far away. It's always fun though as we each talk about our day (Kaitlyn and mine are always the same...lol!). Sounds like you had a wonderful and yummy dinner!