Monday, January 9, 2012

it's monday.

well good evening, fancy meeting you back here again.

today was filled with a grumpy mommy moments. allergies have officially kicked my ass. &I am no longer able to be stronger than them. seriously they are taking over. this morning was started with a shot of nose spray in the eye and a mouth almost four year old. after some java i felt a bit better and then i slept most of the afternoon. my nuggets love their momma and watched a movie while i dozed. love these days. <3 at one point lou even tucked me in and i woke up to kohen rubbing my forehead *swoon*.

kohen is back to school tomorrow, woot! he is totally ready as am i. i like the consistent schedule and i think he's missing it as well. Also, lou and i get to have girly quiet time. i think baking is in order for tomorrow since i got nothing done today!

tonight was full of pizza eating, pj wearing, tv watching and boy was all of it fantastic. pretty sure we need these days sometimes.

of course, i didn't take a single picture today.

but, i forgot to share this beauty with you!

kohen's christmas gift to me he made at school. i love that kid. fer reals.

goodnight my friends.

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