Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY mailbox

i went all crafty mccrafterson on the kids tonight. lou was playing with her madame alexander dolls and her ironing board - playing house - naturally. she came to me with her big blue eyes and requested a mailbox. "i just neeeeeed one momma" she proclaimed. i said, where am i going to find a mailbox tonight, it's bedtime in an hour??? she shrugged, like always, with that look on her face. hello mom! you figure it out. i just request these things.

at that moment a box that i have stashed in my closet from their birthday gifts popped into my head. it's the perfect shape! oh, and free. did i mention that tidbit?!? so i grabbed it out of the closet and grabbed the duct tape. tada! i got these kids a pretty chillin' mailbox. it took 10 minutes and i was like the bees knees. even made them some "mail". they've been playing fighting with it ever since. i'd say my work here is done. *brushes shoulder off*

 today was a gross rainy day. i can't believe the weather swings we've been experiencing. srsly mother nature get it together! we got 2ft of snow on friday & today it rained so much we no longer have snow. i see major problems with this & the roundhouse kick to the face feeling that i'm experiencing isn't helping. i'm ready to box shot mother nature where the sun doesn't shine.

baff time!
moviecoma - stuart little peoples!

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