Thursday, January 19, 2012

the dood is five!

yep, you are reading this right. another year everyone comes to the realization that i was completely mentally unstable and my babies had the same due date. 1 year apart. of course lou needs the limelight - so much so that it bled into their now personalities that she graced us the day before her brothers first birthday.

today is the doods fifth birthday. i cannot believe it!! he spent most of the day at school with his peers and he requested a giant chocolate chip cookie cake to bring and share. so i delivered! it turned out great, the kids loved it, and he was the talk of the class. woo! point 1 for mom.

tonight he asked for homemade pizza (after a bacon fail) so i put good ol' betsy my beautiful yellow kitchenaid to work and made my first pizza dough - ever. roundhouse kicks and high fives people. success! couldn't have turned out better; next time? make it an hour or so earlier. oops! we ate late. but to no avail, i knocked'er outta the park. he got his cupcake and candle then bedtime we went! he still has school tomorrow. lol!

shocks me that five years ago i gave birth the most handsome heartbreaker the planet has ever encountered. i was blessed to have someone so special in my life. he is my man. my bees knees in life. couldn't have asked for a better kman, in the world. and he's my son. blessed!

happy 5th birthday monkey!!!!