Thursday, September 1, 2011

thursday thoughts

as i sit here sipping an iced cappuccino with a french vanilla flavour shot sans kids, and sitting in our local coffee shop i am going over the fantastic summer that the kids and I have had. &how thankful i am that we were able to have fun, we might not have had a posh vaca and my kids can't say we left the country; let alone the province. but we can say that we enjoyed each day to the fullest & spent tons of time together.

it's no secret that i am struggling with the fact that kohen is heading to school this year. junior kindergarten? where the hell did the time go? all that i wanted when i had summer in mind was to have a summer that kman can say he had theee best summer & was excited to tell everyone about it.

making memories, isn't that what it's all about?

well i am proud to announce that kman & louloubird have exclaimed that this was the best summer ever. everyday filled with making memories. the beach, park, splash pad, train rides to the city, visiting friends new and old, and lots of camping excursions. YES! i went camping; numerous times in fact. shhh!  i may or may not have actually enjoyed it! ha ha!

when asking kman this morning what the best part of his summer has been, the first words out of his mouth were: "when we went to the beach and watched a movie! do you remember that we had to leave because there was a storm and we laughed all of the way home? that was pretty funny mom, wasn't it!" i diiiiiiiiiiiie! yes, he is all mine & i'm proud. i didn't spend copious amounts of money or take them anywhere outside of our little town, but it made the book of best possible activities, ever, in his eyes. 

when loubird was asked "we rode the train, remember mom? we got to visit ava & go on a boat to an island and brother cried, remember! he said he couldn't walk anymore!" hahahahaha. isn't she sweet? her brother responded with "i didn't cry sis, you're lying!" then it went into battle royale; momma won!

i think i may have possible endured one of the best and most memorable times in my life, and most of it was free. can't say i'm complaining. every last minute spent with my nuggets and family & even better i was able to share it with all of you, my readers. i am so happy that this summer turned out to be exactly what i was looking for &what i apparently needed for my psyche. now it's time to welcome the fall, my favourite time of year. parades, apple/pumpkin picking, cute outfits, school, and the beautiful colours around us (look for pics). 

how was your summer?

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