Friday, September 2, 2011

so long sweet summer

as the summer comes to a close and school starts back up on tuesday, we thought it necessary to have a day full of nothing else but bike riding. now that kohen is on 2-wheels he eat, sleeps, breathes riding his bike. sometimes i wonder how is legs work as fast as they do, but alas! they move like little rockets &we won't get into the amount of heart attacks i endure daily watching him on his bike. however: thus far he has made out scarless, without bruises, and has saved his face. so far, so good!

of course it wouldn't be a bender without my nieces. those four are pretty much like siblings. they are pretty lucky to grow up so close to their cousins, i hope that they keep those relationships strong for life. those are the types of relationships they need to keep and cherish for life.

good luck next week to all of the nuggets heading back to school, i hope that this year is a great year for them! i know that this being kmans first year, i hope he has an amazing time. i miss school, call me crazy but school was the bees knees.

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