Thursday, September 8, 2011

thursday thoughts: lame brain

at 6:20 this morning i was awoken by that nail on the chalkboard sound of my apartment buzzer. at first, i won't lie, i thought i was dreaming (think i need more people to visit me). then it went off again, longer...louder(it seemed).. followed by a few more buzzes. at this point i was almost stunned.

first off, nobody visits me, generally, unless i am already aware. secondly, nobody would ever buzz me that early in the morning, ever, i don't even know what that time looks like. and thirdly, clearly i'm ignoring at that time in the day, come back when the rest of society is awake. as always my narcissistic mind goes right into the scene of a horror movie.

so what do i do as a logicalletsbesafedon'tactlikeastupidchickinahorrorfilm person? i ignore it. i ignored it as it went off incessantly. of course this morning OF ALL MORNINGS my children would hear it &it would wake them up. after about 10.ten.1-0.TEN minutes, i finally give in and go down. they pretty much buzzed it so much that i will be surprised if anyone in the future goes to use it and it revolts. i'm talking zap you back bitches revolt.

so as i approach the main door, i realize (as i thought) i do not know this person &this person does not know me. i say "may i ask whom you're looking for" and he says a persons name (not a clue whom it is he is referring to) and he points at the buzzer list and points to the buzzer and says this person.

well HELLO if you haven't noticed.. there are 12 buzzers. clearly the list has fallen down so as you can see you are not buzzing the right apartment. he apologizes profusely and i let him in to find the person he's looking for. hey, he even held the door open for me and my following duckling babies who were following close behind. thanks, sir!

what is it with people and not paying attention? it's 6:20AM do you not think it important to ensure that you are correctly pushing the right button whilst ringing a buzzer? i would. are you a lame brain? geeez. wait, i'll answer that. yes, yes you are.

so that was our morning. the inconsiderate nature of this has left me in extreme grumpy mode. i just don't get how some people's brains work. clearly, they do not work in accordance to 90% of society. obviously if someone isn't answering their buzzer after 10 minutes, you should re-check that you have the right apartment. this gentleman was lucky that he was polite &he was running late for work. otherwise i may have been liable to thumping him. oh, that and the fact that i was in the presence of children. it's clear that thumping him in front of them would have been mildly inappropriate. you're lucky, sir, you are lucky.

nap time is not happening today, so maybe early bed.

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