Tuesday, September 13, 2011


life seems to be getting ahead of me. my posts are becoming sporadic and as much as i'm trying to grasp some sort of life schedule that includes everything i want to do in a measly 24hr period, i seem to be failing. large. generally a late night or two doesn't seem to phase me &let's be honest. i am was a night owl. lately, i am lucky to see 10pm. this sinus infection cold melody that i seems to be stringing along behind me is kicking my canadian ass! that's right. this cold is taking over my life. i'm lucky to keep up with my daily chores let alone blog, use a computer, have some sort of life outside of staring at the back of my eye lids.

i would like to say thanks. thank you to my wonderful supporters. even when i don't blog there are some that check in with me on a daily basis. that elates me. this blog is here because i just like sharing what we are doing in my, kmans, and lou's life. documenting everything along the way maybe even sharing a few crafting things on the way.

this blog has shown me that my tiny little corner of the www means something to others as much as i feel it means to me - that's pretty amazing! so again, thanks to everyone who follows and the kind comments that you leave, it means soo incredibly much, i have non-blogging guilt when life seems to get away from me and i can't keep up with it all.

this week is pretty special. kman started jr kindergarten, he has a speech evaluation & occupation therapy wednesday, then back to school thursday, then they are off to their dads for the weekend. *sigh* that's a whole other post.

for now, a sneak peak from today: his first day of school!

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