Sunday, September 4, 2011

thrifted: my finds

the nuggets left to go to db's house for the weekend, so i set off to run errands. on the way i stopped at the local thrift shop, i got to look people! &i don't mean browse, i mean LOOK. i got to stand there for an extended period of time sifting through all of the goodies. srsly, amazing. so much i wanted but had limited means of carrying it home.

i love vintage sheets and i always want to raid my oma's linen closet as she has theee best vintage sheets, ever. even her dishes, i want it all. oma will you share - please? love you. haha

i brought home just a few things, but enough to be overly excited about.

from left to right: o-ring wreath, black yarn, 2 milk glass vases, 2 sets of sheets.

btw, i heart the sheets. i love yellow!

do you love thrifting?

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  1. I like going to thrift and antique shops and browsing. You can find some great stuff! I've always loved vintage things. I have a lot of my great grandma's stuff.