Sunday, August 28, 2011

sensory fun

thanks jenn, i owe this one all to you.

today was technically 'd-day' although i am aware that kohen has sensory processing disorder, nothing says 'official' like receiving a 121 page assessment. so now it's in black & white. copy for me, copy for dad, copy for teacher, copy for the doc, i have copies coming out of places the sun doesn't shine.. srsly. aren't we of the new generation? e-mail people. we would have saved many trees with this process.

anyways. miss amomynous has an in-home daycare and told me today that she fills up a bucket with dish soap and water, making soapy water for the kids to explore. part of his sensory disorder is that he's always seeking for sensory input. what better way than water, bubbles, and accessories!?

so i copied you, yes jenn, call the copy police! alert the officials! hear it now!

okay now that we have dealt with that, want pictures?

the screeches and giggles tell me that this was fun. even if it only lasted 10 minutes before they just dumped the buckets. next on the list: teach nuggets not to dump buckets. 'nuff said.

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