Sunday, August 14, 2011

movie on the beach

is there anything better than a family night, sitting on the beach, and watching a movie. it's just like the drive-in but free &for us walkers. meaning, i don't drive. the kids were fueled with excitement honestly, i wasn't sure if we were going to make it because of the fact that they were driving me to drink. fortunately for them, i didn't drink. fortunately for my stomach, i saved it some hurt. anyways, after many moments of repeating myself i decided to screw it &go down anyways.

the beach after supper is absolutely beautiful. the atmosphere is nice and calm. unlike in the middle of the day when it is beyond chaotic with everyone &their momma.

we went a bit early, the kids played, and then we picked our spot on the beach to lay out our blanket. kids dug in the sand some more, we munched on snacks, then the movie started. i did get some pics. lou was being silly and k was being a complete cuddle bug. can't say i didn't love every minute of it.

unfortunately the night was cut a little short due to an impending storm that i could see coming on the lake. so we packed our stuff and headed home. i wasn't about to get stuck in a thunderstorm with two nuggets at 10:30pm. not my cup'o'tea i'll tell ya!

well, i'm done blabbing -- ready for pics? i know you've been thinking will you shut up already!! lol. im done rambling.

taken by kohen

taken by kohen

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