Sunday, August 21, 2011

homemade sketti sauce {tute}

ive been busy -cooking busy. lots of meal planning &prepping what i can to help this wholefoods journey that ive embarked upon. lemme tell ya. i am kicking complete ass. listening to statements such as "mommy you make theeee best..." is considerably validating. we love spaghetti &all forms of it in this house. the spicier, the better. the cheesier, the better. so, what do you do with a spaghetti loving brood? make homemade sauce, derrrrrrrrr!!! and by making my own it's healthier which means you can eat more, right?? most of my recipes i just wing it meaning: i don't measure any of the ingredients for the most part.

tomato paste
spaghetti seasoning
chilli peppers
celery salt
salt &pepper to taste


i keep it on simmer for a few hours -constantly stirring- &let the aroma fill my apartment. i'm surprised i didn't have my neighbours knocking on my door demanding i feed them because it smelled deeeevine!
afterwards i jar it & store in the freezer so i can pull it out and cook it when i want it.

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