Tuesday, August 23, 2011

diaper buggy

this past weekend was kid-free.
i'm not willing to discuss my feelings, just yet, on how i feel about these weekends. although i love the downtime and time to rejuvenate i hate it. i miss them so incredibly much. i do appreciate our relationship much more & i find they do as well. we all have come to appreciate each other at a totally different level.
so, that being said, this past weekend i was able to attend a baby-shower for a good friend of mine whom is expecting her 3rd child, a boy logan, in the middle of september.

everything came about last minute so i grabbed her a bag of newborn diapers &decided that i would make a diaper carriage/buggy. i've seen a picture floating around pinterest for a while and thought how hard could it be. i grabbed my supplies, a few items for the babes, and was going to create it. did i mention this was friday night? (i gave myself a lot of time didn't i incase i crashed and burned on this project) but,i did not! set your mind to something you will prevail!
now i kick myself that i didn't take pictures of me doing it during the process!
for all those doubters (dustin), i proved you wrong! &was/am so proud of my creation - hit it out of the park.

Kim loved it! &to add to her overstimulated hormones already and making sure that i did make her cry (i'm mean, i know!) i also contacted a friend of mine whom is the owner of kozy kaps by krystal to see if she had any sock monkey hats already made because my friend wanted one so incredibly badly, again i rock, totally got it! had her crying, it was awesome.
congrats again kim & brandon! i can't wait to meet logan! xo.

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