Thursday, July 21, 2011

thursday thoughts: summer goals revisited

do you remember this post? 
"back then" i was setting up the goals i wanted the nuggets &i to accomplish over the summer. ready to reminisce  about them?
to be honest, starting this post i wasn't even sure what the goals were. srsly. have some amnesia happening around here lately. it's either amnesia or too busy accomplishing goals i must have subconsciously jotted down.


  • i want to create some sort of art/sketch at least once a week - first, i must purchase new charcoal pencils and a sketch book. {although i haven't created something weekly, i actually purchased new means of creating &have been working slowly. woo! accomplished something.}

  • i want to start a novel (new) and read it cover to cover at LEAST once a month (having two small children at the beach - crowded area - doesn't leave much wiggle room to consume myself in a novel. {almost done book #1 &there are 15days left in July. saweeet!}

  • find and purchase a large floppy sun hat - yes, i want to look spiffy! {boo. fail.}

  • wear a bathing suit *shudders* {epic fail.}

  • take the kids to the Toronto Zoo & Marineland. {this is supposed to happen in august.}

  • work on my front balcony and have at least three shin digs out on it. {no shindigs, but it looks good!}

  • go yard-saling. {this shouldn't have been a goal. i don't get up that early}

  • start jogging (i think this is far fetched, but we shall see if i'm up for the challenge) {i've been power walking, that counts - right??}

  • purchase a new fun wardrobe and be comfortable in my skin {i have bought a few pieces, but ive been working on confidence. it's a work in progress.}

things accomplished over the summer:

  • camping; i am not a camper. however, we're going for the second time this upcoming weekend. 
  •  farmers market saturday mornings 
  • parties galore!
  • beach. we go a few times a week!
  • i am nugget-free every other weekend now. woo!

as you can see. this has been a pretty sawesome summer. we've definitely been enjoying ourselves &more to come. 

how are your goals coming?

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