Thursday, April 14, 2011

thursday thoughts - summer goals

this summer's objective is to enjoy the outdoors as much as we can. danielle from sometimes sweet jotted down her goals for this summer, and urged others to do the same, so i shall take the challenge.

unlike most i am very lucky to live in a very picturesque town equipped with a large beach, historical downtown, large parks, and splashpad. i mean whatelse could you ask for on hot summer days. i never have to think of something to do or come up with something fun, it's already there for your entertainment.  i can walk down to the beach with the kids with a blanket/book/hat and plant myself. the kids can play and wreak havoc while i can read/draw, and just relax. take in the summer breeze and just enjoy being outside in the lovely whether. damn the thought of weather that forces us to stay inside.

i wanted to partake in this goal making for summer twenty-eleven for two reasons:

1. if i write it down, then i have to do it - reason enough.

2. what better way to plan out your future then sharing it with others, then they make you feel obligated to follow through, right!?

so here we go... 


  • i want to create some sort of art/sketch at least once a week - first, i must purchase new charcoal pencils and a sketch book.

  • i want to start a novel (new) and read it cover to cover at LEAST once a month (having two small children at the beach - crowded area - doesn't leave much wiggle room to consume myself in a novel.

  • find and purchase a large floppy sun hat - yes, i want to look spiffy!

  • wear a bathing suit *shudders*

  • take the kids to the Toronto Zoo & Marineland.

  • work on my front balcony and have at least three shin digs out on it.

  • go yard-saling.

  • start jogging (i think this is far fetched, but we shall see if i'm up for the challenge)

  • purchase a new fun wardrobe and be comfortable in my skin
so that's it. that is my plan., some a little more aggressive than others, but we have to start somewhere.
do you have plans/goals for the summer???? link up or let me know.

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