Monday, July 11, 2011


honestly, i didn't realize my "mini" hiatus would actually result in a mega-hiatus with no posts to suffice as proper reading materials whilst i was mia .it started with our canada day weekend extravaganza which was an absolute blast & let's just say it was so much fun i didn't snap a single picture. my poor phone was even mia! srsly, i endured a ton of fun.

after our weekend of fun, i had to visit the juice bar & it was time for the kids to have their first alone visit with db (see this post) it was just a few hours to get used to the idea of being there alone with him. my visit to the juicebar this time was less pleasant than the other times. i was a wreck afterwards. we stayed with my parents so i could have help; talk about feeling like i'd taken a hulk growth hormone. my muscles were spasming constantly like i had been working out for days without a break & the world was a merry-go-round incessant spinning. i am happy to report that it has stopped, finally! &i'm back in working condition.

this past weekend was the first weekend of kids away for the entire weekend. i was alright with it, they seemed stoked so why not, right? i am happy t report i did well! the kids did pretty well, considering. kohen had a rough go the first night. quin had a rough time coming home, she swears she is not going back. i ended up going camping with my parents/sisters family for the weekend to the racetrack where my niece races quads. kohen will race mx one day, he'll start practicing soon. although i have a mild heart attack every time they go over the jumps it's still awesome to watch the little guys! i took a few pics (blackberry) whilst i was camping. enjoy! &i'll be back tomorrow!

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