Thursday, June 23, 2011

thursday thoughts

a toddler.

need i say more? they're cute, fiesty, mouthy, & overall hilarious. i mean there is nothing better than watching a toddler enter the being a "big kid" stage and watching them grow into these little beings with tons of personality. it has to be the most rewarding, happy, exhausting, trying times in motherhood. i will say that having k as a baby, he was easy going, laid back, and although he has permanent ants in his pants him growing to be a young person was never as trying as raising a girl. i say girl because lou is exactly like my nieces. i always swore that my daughter would never, ever, be as mouthy as my nieces. full of attitude, poise, and drama. guess what! we are there & i think somewhere in the karma atmosphere i am being bitten in the ass. i got it 10-fold. you think i'm joking? i pity the person during school & as a grown up who does not agree with this little drama-queen of mine.

lous is full of pizazz, vocab, & overall diva. i'm pretty sure she's under the impression she was brought into this world as a full-on celeb princess & she's living up to those standards, daily. it's awesome, i mean who wouldn't want to have full on arguments with a three year old. a three year old whom has comebacks faster than you can even wrap your head around. dumbfounded she just came up with that little piece of back talk. always wondering where she has even heard that before & all in that split second you are realizing this you think shoot! i have to say something back - now is it worth trouble or just go with the flow and enter into the abyss of a full-blown (what you thought) teen argument.  i will be completely honest with you i thought that i had years, many years, before i was going to be given a run for my money when it came to "being consistent" with arguments & dramatic antics where you hear things like "you just don't understand me", "i hate you", "why don't you love me". um, yes, these are the things that i hear coming from my three, yes three, year old's mouth. i'm still wondering when i missed 10 years?

&as i type all of these exhausting traits of my three, turning thirteen, year old. she's the anecdote to that down moment that you sometimes have, she makes you laugh at the drop of a dime, makes you smile everytime you turn around, &gives you that warm-fuzzy feeling knowing that she is a strong and independent girl. watch out, or you will receive the wrath from her because she's positive within herself & she's strong willed. those are traits that i will help her build onto (even thought it is absolutely exhausting) and keep as she grows because these traits are something that she will need to be successful in her future. a future that i foresee as pretty amazing. and pretty amazing mean, i created her. how luck am i? pretty freakin' lucky.

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