Friday, June 24, 2011

chickens & music

im pretty sure that i spent 95% of my evening last night laughing so hard i almost peed in my pants. i have been reading the bloggess & her most recent post fell into step with how horrifically awful my day was going. let's just say my dear sweet devilish nuggets almost found themselves enlisted in the canadian army yesterday - no joke.

it was a day from utter frustrating hell. however, i persevered & with as little yelling as possible (now im joking) we made it through the day. then a great friend, my bestie, yanno sista from another mista sent me a link. a link that totally changed my day & all i have to say is knock knock mother f*cker. bahahahahahaha!! so thankyouverymuch nikki, i heart you. yanno maybe i should learn to pick my battles or i need a 5ft metal chicken in order to forget the rest.

a good chunk of my day when i wasn't acting like a complete and utter ass exacerbating my right to free speech was spent amping up my nieces new mp3 player we got her for her birthday. i never realized how hard it is to find songs for a seven year old. dood, talking about bitches & hoes isn't exactly the present of the year i'm willing to give. what happened to our music industry? yanno kids songs we need those.. not these terrible portrayals of "good music" marketed to our young.

although she isn't aware i got her an mp3 player, i have been youtubing different songs for her hear in order to see if she likes them. i let her hear michael jackson (an idea from a friend), no bueno. apparently he looks "funny" and she used a terrible term in which i won't use on here as it's horrifically inappropriate. then? taylor swift; she's cute & my niece said that taylor swift was another politically incorrect horrific name. so then i was left with the biebs &rihanna. um, biebs...yah okay she can dream. but rihanna? wasn't aware that the new trend was all about dry humping the world and talking about doing dirty things under my um-ber-ella. sigh (i am in no way saying that rihanna is a bad singer, however, i don't find it seemingly close to appropriate for a seven year old). then.. then my niece scarred me for life. she wanted... ke$ha...... ahhhh!! my ears are bleeding. according to my sister, this is appropriate. again, ahhhhh!!! so this is what we're left with; the biebs, his new pda embracing girlfriend selena, dry-humping under an umbrella all the while "blow"ing with ke$ha. this all for my seven year old niece - whomp.

what happened to good music or i don't know music for seven year olds. i am not ready for this in my house. when my kids are ready for mp3 players geez, they'll be listening to things like bang, bang, shoot shoot, mfer - whip slapped yur momma poppa grandmomma & unkle all at the same tiimmes - yo!

sigh, maybe i should have gotten her a skipping rope?


  1. Tell me about it! There isnt good music like there used to be. I mostly hear on the radio a bunch of rap crap talking about money, sex, and other inappropriate things. Such a shame. I don't let my SD who is 11 listen to stuff at our house her mom let's her listen to. No freaking way is that happening in my house! Kids grow up fast enough already.

  2. i know, right. I was telling my Mom this morning & she was laughing histerically. shes like "she is such a special child" haha. I'm like NO WONDER our babies are having sex at lik TeN! geeeeeeeez. what happened to barbies & dolls at 10? Just sayin.

  3. I'm so dropping of the chicken on your doorstep lmao!!

  4. Fill it up with 90's music! She will like the mp3 player so she will prob listen to just about anything and she will learn a love for the best music ever made! My 9&12 year old girls love 80's n 90's music.

  5. Oh my way in HELL would I let my kids listen to Ke$ha or Rihanna. WOW!!!! I agree though, there is NO good music. I am a big fan of Miss Selena Gomez and the songs she sings....and my daughter loves the biebs and he doesn't curse or talk about sex in his songs so I can tolerate him for her, lol.