Monday, June 13, 2011

meet mr man k

as most of you know, i have two nuggets. today is all about, mr man k aka kohen. he is my four year old bundle of energy.

resembling good ol' brad pitt, i must say my offspring is pretty good looking ;) okay okay don't hate, he really does resemble mr.pitt though. can you see it??!

mr man k is my sensitive ball of energy who is a certified mommas boy. let me tell you that i never ever thought i would be proud to have a mommas boy but secretly (okay maybe not so secretly) i loooove it. srsly. having a mommas boy makes me feel pretty special to be this little guys momma.

kohen has recently been diagnosed with a sensory stimuli problem & it just makes him that much more unique. he falls under the "exceptional/genius" category for his age &it's great to know that he is just high-functioning. he perceives the world at a different level than the rest of us. who knew that the ants in his pants were actually just that him being awesome! he can't sit still. he has a hard time behaving. &the best part of this you ask? this does not make my child a "bad" child. my recent fear while signing him up for kindergarten & realizing that i was sending him into a shark tank.

we have been testing him with a development specialist & finding all of these quirky things that make up my spirited child. this has empowered me to speak about this to everyone. there is nothing worst, in my eyes, than labelling a child in school. to me, school is fantastic - i want my children to love it as much as i did. but how do you give your child the best running chance when they do the opposite as what the mold says they should do?

i will get into this more in the future, as i become educated. however, i wanted to touch on this as this is my post about k. isn't he awesomesauce? i think so.

k loves cars, trains, & anything that "goes". he is a boys boy. loves getting dirty, exploring the world around him, & i love that he is super sensitive and emotional. he has enough emotion for everyone around him & that makes him, k. he loves to learn, loves to colour, &loves to bust a move.

every one of these traits makes up the super-fantastic boy that i feel lucky to call my son. 


  1. Awesome! It's great to get to know Kohen even more! Great pics!!


  2. I love Kohen....can we prearrange his marriage to Rebekah??? lol