Tuesday, June 14, 2011

epic morning fail.

let me tell you, our day to day life consists of many moments spent whiiiiiiiiiiiining. as a mother with two nuggets extremely close in age, i always anticipated the busy part - never anticipated the squealing, screeching, ringing in your ears loud that i endure most days.

i hate to sit here all the time and preach sunshine & rainbows about our lovely days spent with one another when in reality, we have those moments.

as a momma i am not one to say ohhh poor me, all this whining. whine whine whine. wait did i mention whine? i like to, for the most part, exude pure joy that i am able to be apart of these nuggets lives. they inspire me daily to be the best mom i can be as they are pretty dang special. &hell we're all entitled to a shitastic day every once in a while.

however, there are those times. yanno, the times when i have dr. evil & his evil sidekick trying to take over the world. they tag team me like the superhero who never seen them coming & never had a chance. you deal with one, the other is doing exactly what you're asking the original one not to do. or, there are times, like this exact moment while i'm typing this where a certain mr man is spending much needed time in "time out" due to his lack of listening skills in the "lets not screech & cry because it's my turn for a television show" department. did you know that he has nothing fun to do? i wasn't aware of this fact considering this exact moment his room looks like it threw up toys everywhere & he has every piece of colouring equipment out that we own. oh, & have i mentioned the pretty awesome scooter that he's been cruising around the apartment in? yes, he has nothing fun to do. so for now? he sits in that ever lasting black hole at the wall & screeches like a dying animal in the road because i am mean & won't give in to what he feels he needs.

how does this painting sound to you? narwhals & unicorns or that pre-existing monet that you've been dying to get your hands on? i think not. sounds like a typical day in the life of a mom with three & four year olds. oh the joys!

& as i am all finished proofreading; ready to send this little article out into cyberspace. i hear the words: "i love you mommy, i'll take care of you cause you're sick." -lou. i diiiiiiiiiiiiiie!
pretty much just made the last 20mins worth it all.

disclaimer: if you are working your way up to having nuggets this age, i am sorry for scaring the everliving life out of you. don't listen to those people that spray rainbows out of their ass; prepare! prepare as much as you can. it's fun, but ex.haust.ing.


  1. Oh Stacey. It's funny because I always think your life sounds so perfect with your two perfect little munchkins. It's nice to know you're human, too. Your kids sounds exactly like mine! I always worry that mine are too whiney, but I guess they're just normal!


  2. yep...I love those days! (NOT!)

  3. Oh, we all have those days.
    My 9 yr old went into time out at lunchtime. She remained in her room thro dinner, had hers in the room and had an early night.
    #momfail - kid in time out
    #momwin kid lived one more day ;)