Monday, June 20, 2011

artist comeback

i did it, i finally did it! thanks to an earlier post i submerged myself back into my artistic aura of awesomeness. i had a complete longing to do it. an itch. so saturday on our way to the farmers market, i stopped at the local art store & picked up a sketch pad and pastels - this is a safe medium for me. also a medium that i can do at night or during the day whilst the kids are either sleeping or preoccupied with fun nugget things that i'm not allowed to partake in.

so i channeled my inner monet (different medium) & went to work last night. whipped up a little somethin' somethin' quickly. & i will show you. however i'm having a omgthisisscaryidon'twanttosharebecauseihavenoselfconfidence moment. i have a really hard time with ridicule, who would have guessed? ha!

so there will be more of these posts. i will share as i create. honestly, last night i felt so amazing being in the zone. the artist zone. my hands were dirty, my mind was flowing, and i was loving what was transpiring right before my eyes.

waterfront-recreation of a photo i took. medium; pastels

what do you think? i'm pretty happy with it. it isn't overly intense. something simple. but i love the calming feel of a water scene. my mom is in possession of it for her office. lol. she asks me often why i don't create anymore as her office space loves housing it all. haha.

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