Thursday, April 7, 2011

thursday thoughts

my life without a computer. wow. it was an absolute catastrophe. let me just tell you i didn't realize how shallow and uneventful my life is, okay empty is probably a better word, without my computer. it's true. my social life is ON the computer. and let's just say, my blackberry did not cut it this time. i was an absolute mess. sad - yes. don't judge.

my darling four year old decided that because mommy was on the phone, it was time to be "creative" and test out a laptop and a cup of joe. this was not the moment he was to go all  bill nye on me. let me tell you, as you probably guessed, the laptop didn't fare well. in fact my ditch efforts to save the laptop, failed. this consisted of ripping out the power cord, shutting down the machine not properly, and turning it upside down vigorously. i think the bulged eyes and death stare at k gave him the scare of a lifetime. he realized that oops! probably not the smartest thing to do. between my tears (yes, i cried - a lot.) and phone calls to my mommy (yes i still call her about everything in my life) he hid in his room (cue my feeling bad he as so sad). i was not happy to say the least and now feeling guilty that he had such terrible feelings.

now i am back. mini keyboard and all. i had to go out and purchase an external keyboard in order to use my laptop, hey! at least this works - for now. eventually i'll be in the market for a new laptop. however, for now this will work. these are the moments i really wish money grew on trees. having an expensive lifeline, such as my laptop, doesn't really help with such a small financial background backing it up. ah well, i am back and k hasn't even tried touching my computer (i may turn into a ravenous animal if the thought even crosses his mind). go figure, took a laptop massacre for him to realize how he shouldn't do naughty things. (disclaimer: i do love him the exact same, none-the-less. hes four, what are ya gonna do? nothing.)

so i'm back betches. 

i'll be playing bloggy catch-up. a game that i find rather difficult. it's hard to think up so many ideas in one day, but for you, i'll do it!


  1. I soooo hear ya on the no life without the computer thing! Glad you were able to work out a fix!!

  2. Glad to see ya back! Isaac once pulled out post of the keys on my laptop keyboard and I had to order another one. None to happy about that. I would freak if I didn't have my laptop! I was without it for a few days and I stole Kirk's the whole time! It's my oxygen!

  3. Totally get it...when my guy was young there was a certain disaster btwn a glass of coke & the computer..not good!