Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i heart books v. 5

today we're going to discuss lulu and her love for the paperbag princess. this story, by robert munsch is a classic. i even studied the story in my childrens literature course in college. it's a must-have for your munsch collection. i'm pretty sure she knows this book off by heart. she loves it, and loves the ending. a little crass but heck! makes her giggle everytime and totally worth it.

this morning lulu read the book to me, and i was sure to capture it on film! shes so cute. (can you tell she loves HK? just like me!)

obviously she doesn't read all of the words - or any of them for a matter of fact. however, she likes to interpret the pictures, does a pretty good job. she basically knows what each page says.
she was a little camera shy while filming... but alas! strictly for home use only, enjoy!!

lulu loves books, just like her mama. the scholar in her is shining through and i am excited to see how her future pans out. she reminds me so much of me. tootin' my own horn here haha.

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  1. LOL. My kids love the Paperbag Princess, too!!! Funny piece of info for you; when I was a youngster, my brother played the Ronald from the Paperbag Princess in a play and I was in a different play where I played Mortimers mother!

    Awesome book and cute pics!!