Monday, April 25, 2011

easter weekend blog fail.

i know i know, i've been mia doods. and i do apologize. i have never realized how much family really takes out of you. i enjoy them, love being around them, they are cool peeps to hang with, but albeit, they are! fer reals. i don't even know how i survived.

to top it off, easter morning.. or should i say saturday never ended, we ran directly into sunday. k couldn't control his excitement and he kept me up all night asking if he could go play with the things in his basket. finally, at 545am, i told him he was allowed to go and wake up grammadukes and bug her. so he did. we hadn't even hid the eggs in the yard yet, so papa took the kids to the front yard whilst my sister spewed the eggs over the backyard. then it was over. i didn't snap one ONE picture. mommy fail.

i did get pictures of egg colouring. that went off without a hitch, i must say. generally i anticipate extreme chaos and want to run and hide while they're colouring eggs. between dumped dye, fighting over fancy objects to use, and throwing eggs. it isn't exactly the easter fiesta i want to participate in. but as a mother, i do it - only because i love them.

this year? this year they proved me wrong. whomp. this year was fan-freaking-tastic. they did so well, and even the cute little neighbour (not really he's almost 17) enjoyed colouring his own eggs for the easter bunny. (aww). i organized it so nobody could fight over the "egg tattoos" and we (the adults) had it so they sent the dye to the next person so they were always rotating. it went uber well!

man, were they incredibly proud. the teenager was most excited - thrilled! lol.

overall, great weekend - exhausting weekend. and our eggs, kick ass! hope your easter weekend (however you celebrate it) was filled with love, family, and great food!

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