Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things I love Sunday

The run down of today?

Well it was a lazy morning, hang outs in my bed watching some good ol' beauty and the beast - thank you Walt Disney. Then we had showers, got our bags ready, and it was off to take the kids to their visitation with their Dad, which ensued some quiet, alone, time with my Mom to walk around Walmart. Has anyone been in a Walmart lately? Some awful stellar people that you run into. We actually walked the store of it's entirety and took it all in. I fell in love with a few plants, thanks to funds, I have to wait until the end of the week to go back and grab them. However, I'm alright with that. I want them, now. And spring, ANYONE LISTENING TO ME, bring on SPRING!

don't you just love, love this? Brings a little of SoCal to the great white tundra!

Who doesn't love a gerber daisy? devine. Pretty in pale pink.

These pots.. fantastic. I love the colour & design.

Do you know what I just realized?

I wrote coloUr, yes, here in Canada this is how we spell it. My bestie in SoCal clearly drops the U, why is that?
Anybody have the answer??? If so, write it in the comments section! I'd love to know.



  1. I am not sure why Canadians spell things differently I am curious about that too!
    My Australian friend calls chicken "chook"
    I am in the USA so I guess we all have are weird things lol
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  2. Added your blog, and thanks for the add too!! This is all so fun and interesting, quite the adventure! I look forward to Bloggy-Friends!! :)

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  5. No idea. I guess Canadians and British have to be different with the "colours" instead of "colors." And "rubbish" instead of "trash." :-)

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  6. <3 you Stacey you are so funny! I was watching Degrassi my guilty plessure and was telling steve it's funny how candians talk normal until they say Sorry and About. I love the accents you have. Love the plant.

  7. I love ya and your "eh?" lol Works well with my "like" ;)

  8. love the blog girl! it made me smile, perfect start to my day! hehe =)