Sunday, January 1, 2012


lately i've been feeling a major longing to blog. almost to the point that it is my long lost lover and it has finally reached the one it's been swooning after.

well hi!

i'm here & couldn't resist the urge to let the world know what has been happening.

basically in a nut shell? i've been sick. over and over and over again. sick sick sick. did i mention that i was sick? i've been an abyss of ridiculous germs and honestly catching anything and everything that passes around my body. metaphorically i have become a walking virus sponge. touche germs i say, touche!

otherwise, not much has been going on but the holidays. i got to dress up and go to a christmas party (that was fun!)

halloween; i couldn't partake. vertigo. but the kids got to trick or treat none.the.less.

christmas; amazing, as always. louloud birdie was incredibly too cute for words this year. every ounce of christmas goodness you could stuff into a little person she exuded with pure joy and excitement. screeching at every little thing. she reminded me of buddy the elf screaming SAAAANTA!!!! I LOVE SAAAANTA!!

Christmas Party; visit with santa
Christmas Clothes! <3  Just love this picture!
Santa came!
loulou birdie colouring with her book/crayons santa dropped at the front door christmas eve // kmans new hot wheels track up on the wall // my NEW 6qt yellow kitchenaid mixer! // lou and kman drinking hot chocolate in their mugs they got as a gift!

 new years; nothing out of the ordinary. did a little skating at the outdoor rink in town. then rang it in with, got a biiig smooch, then went to bed.

our new years day brunch was fantastic and now we're home.
i love being home.

coming up this month is the nuggets birthdays (jan 18th and 19th) and i am gearing up to plan and execute a double fun, budget-friendly, birthday party avec school friends.

how has everyone been? i promise to get this thing back in action. although i may not be here every single day. i hope to update more because i truly missed my corner of the interwebz. duh, why i ever doubted this little corner i will never know.

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