Friday, September 16, 2011

thursday thoughts on a friday

lately there has been some less than stellar happenings unfolding around me and all i can think about is blogging it. blogging helps to get it off of my chest & helps me make sense of a lot of the mumbo jumbo.
this past week there has been a few things that i just want to get off of my chest, however, i am afraid of the backlash of said problem that i would receive if i did let it out. especially on my corner of the interwebz.

so here i sit posing the question:

how do you blog about your life when it pertains to specific happenings without stepping on the people around you toes?

what do you do in your own space? do you spare details of actual situations to help save face. or, do you talk about it anyways to help counsel yourself?

i don't know where to go with this. this is my personal space to talk about everything that goes on in my life &the nuggets. good, bad, ugly, exciting; i want to share. share the abundance of info i tend to think i have to share. but is it worth sharing all details to help save relationships in said situations. i just don't know.

i think i need some mature bloggy friends to help me with insight as this amateur blogger is totally lost on this subject.

so for now, i won't discuss the problems that have arose as of late. however, i will share with you lou's lovely pizzazz that she calls her "trend". i diiiie, girl after my own heart with a much stronger personality. love her.

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