Saturday, September 24, 2011

hello kitty part-ay!

today lou was in her realm. talk about heaven for a little girl who wants to be nothing more in life than a hello kitty replica, purple bow & all. my nugget has been blessed with an affinity for all things hello kitty receiving that from none other than me. i diiiiiie. 

today was a treat and a half. lou &i descended upon a hello kitty birthday party for her *new* bff! what can i say? hello kitty + party + bff = one kick ass day for a special little lady. the decor was fabulous, i couldn't have planned it any better. the hello kitty flower pot full of cookies, pure awesome. &a day full of playing with other kids all by her lonesome stellar. lou's day was officially fantabulous! not to mention i was able to hang with other adults &we actually had adult conversations. the mentioning of the word peepee did not leave my lips once that i can remember. woo! i'd say that screams awesome!

when lou got home and opened her goody bag(s), yes plural, the gasps and abundance of joy was exciting to watch; i wish i had video taped it. alas, i did not, ah well she made out with a plethora of hello kitty gear & couldn't be happier.

thanks again ann-marie for having us! & happy happy birthday miss anjolina! xo

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