Thursday, August 25, 2011

thursday thoughts: insane?

what is it with thriller/scary movies that entice people to watch them.
recently my sister, brother, and i watched insidious. some of the reviews read: mind-blowing, have you on the edge of your seat, it'll scare you silly.

well damn right it did. every single bit of it with the music, creepy costumes, eerily smiling faces, and people jumping out at you definitely had me jumping. i will tell you, i was not a fan. srsly.

what is the appeal?

i don't think the new 'feature' that guys are interested in is a grown woman piddling her pants whilst watching a "scare you silly" movie. in fact, i'm pretty sure that would scare a guy away &your date would end pretty quickly due to uncontrollable voiding and mortification.

can you imagine your pick up line "hey baby, i've waited my entire life to find a mate like you to wipe up my dribble." dood, i think -not-. it is just not cool.

a friend of mine tonight is watching another movie that does not sound appealing to me. something about dead teenagers getting shanked isn't really that much of an interest. among my list of interests it doesn't read:
long walks on the beach
candlelight dinners
psychos chasing teenagers with knives and dismembering them

okay, i won't lie, most of those i'm not even interested in but you get the idea.

what happened to letters written long-hand in a film, where the girl finds the guy, and they fall in love. what happened to movies that were jam packed with action but the common denomenator wasn't gruesome and psychotic?

i just don't get it? have i said that already??

to add fuel to my fire, after our scary/thriller movie escapades, my brother hid himself in the alcove of my sisters hall closet then proceeded to launch himself at me all the while screaming something wildly common among the asshole type like "boo". what he didn't realize is that i was ready to get it on like donkey kong and sucker punch him in his gonads because yes, i am volatile if you scare me &i'm not sure i really care what gets hurt in the process. yep decision made, i do not care.

can someone explain to me the reason why these films are appealing, or am i abnormal and a total chicken shit? i recall renting the last saw movie 4x, and never getting past the first 5 minutes. call me crazy but the sound of that guys voice is eery enough let alone watching him make contraptions that annihilate the human body. i physically cannot do it and cannot get into it. &who the hell thinks of these things? psychotic people behind bars are now film writers?


  1. You're too funny. I hate those kinds of movies and REFUSE to watch them. My husband watched one of the saw movies with friends of ours and I not only covered my eyes through the whole thing....but also the ears, because the sounds were enough to make me feel sick.

  2. I hate scary movies! I don't ever watch them. (well, hardly ever)

  3. not a fan of scary movies either. *shudder*
    however BEFORE kids i LOVED them! lol