Thursday, July 28, 2011

thursday thoughts

ever wonder what people are thinking whilst making a specific decision; namely fashion? yesterday whilst riding the big stinky tube of doom around town trying to get to our local big box store for unnamed less than important items. a precarious woman stepped foot on the bus with her brood of children. her hair; vibrant pink. it was not cool. i'm wondering who the selfish asshole was that informed her the hair colour choice she made was up to par with being fashionable. now, i'm not knocking pink hair. i've seen many people with awesome pink hair; this was not awesome. this wasn't even pure pink. her original colour black with her bleached out locks shining through the cotton candy fade job was not cool, i can't even come up with a word that can even start to explain this dye job. srsly.

normally, i don't notice these things. however, this was shocking. when your nuggets wonder why said womans hair looked like an easter egg one has to wonder who that poor soul has been talking to &where her advice has been coming from. so i will say it now:

dearest flamingo haired lady on the bus,

your hair is not cool &it does not look good. i will apologize for the asshole before me that informed you that your choice was awesome, because they lied. 


have you ever looked back at photos &wondered who the hell told you something looked good?

wondered what you were thinking asking if that ensemble was worthy of leaving your bedroom. pairing them together to look awesome instead creating a failed ensemble of epic proportions.

assholes: be kind, tell the truth.
people: use your own advice. if you're wondering if it looks good then it probably doesn't. you have that voice inside of you for a reason. 

i am not a fashion guru, however, i don't walk around with faded flamingo hair.

lady, you failed.

next week on the agenda: the extreme BO of the bus. i swear i could turn this blog into the rantings of riding on the bus. people deoderent IS YOUR FRIEND. use it, i promise it will result in more friends &smiles instead of plugged noses.

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  1. BAHAHAHA!! I want to know who told me that bleaching my dark brown hair was a good idea?!?!