Friday, June 17, 2011

friday favourites.

today is just going to be a whirlwind of collaborative links. things that i have come across over the www in the last little while. a culmination of inspiration, things i totally envy, people that are pretty kick ass, & maybe an insight or two into a few things that i'm pretty sure are boss. capeesh?

while reading lmm, yanno that blog that i am completely in love with. i came across a guest post, a guest post with a girl named casey. so like you'd assume, i clicked the link and followed it. followed it to what i'm pretty sure is a bloggy crush (totally platonic peeps). casey, is not only beautiful but she speaks to the inner artist in me & in the last five minutes of staring at her pieces gave me that craving to create my own. can you guess where i'll be heading tomorrow? yep! the art store.

totally digging this song right now. dontcha love it? catchy.

again, while reading my daily blog roll & swooning over most of everything i see, duh! these are some talented peeps! i love following bleubird's kid lunches portion of her blog. first off, she introduced the goodbyn & secondly she has great ideas for lunch ideas to keep the kiddos intrigued. K will love his future school lunches much more thanks to bleubird. &i'm pretty sure i've shared my love for the goodbyn, everywhere and with everyone i know!

love this picture.

are you on pinterest? add me.
i have a pinterest addiction, like i may need meetings in the near future.

i am totally in the mood to wear this today. isn't it adorbs? if only i owned it. lol!

i've been having the tatt itch, i want another one! i want it on my wrist. but i can't get ink unless i know what i want & i came across this.  the wheels are turning for me to design something. should i? whatcha think! (the 2nd picture on the page & on my left wrist.)

have a great weekend everyone! plans? it's going to be quiet around here!

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