Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Fantastic #1

Welcome to my glorious fantastic okay maybe I'm going overboard FIRST blog post. i'm figuring this is the best place to jot down my day to day accomplishments, loves, likes, and everything in between instead of doing it in the style of Facebook.

Lately, everything I "document" i do on Facebook, and i've come to the realization, sadly, that I could have followers who read it instead of sharing it through Facebook; It's extremely over-rated, but sucks me in so easily.

So here I am bloggy world! Are you ready for me?

Figured, in the light of my day, I'd post a few things that I love. I was in the hospital today, and a little bit of background information on me, not only am I a stay-at-home-mom, i also suffer from the not-so-pleasant Crohn's Disease, so the Emergency Department and I hung out for the better part of the day dancing with an IV, super fantastic times. WOMP.

Recently, my bestie's son(my beloved nephew M) had his FIFTH birthday, because my bestie and I are from different coasts AND different countries, the best way to share some birthday love with him is via E-Sharing.
After numerous searches through YouTube, baby K and I sent M this: It's a Monkey Happy Birthday.

I've also been 'browsing' the bloggy world lately and some GREAT reads are Mandy @ Harper's Happenings shes a great Momma with the cutest little peanut. Another is Danielle @ Sometimes Sweet, she's has the cutest little baby, some rockin tattoos, and has such a cheeky disposition. Ill share one more Cheri @ I am Momma Hear Me Roar, this beautiful Mom has two stellar boys and has an insane passion for crafting and just being an overall wonderful person. So check them all out and let me know how you enjoy them. I certainly follow them, daily.

I'll leave you on this note, a beautiful song: Train

Until tomorrow.


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  1. Yay!! You finally got a blog so I can stop stalking...I mean checking, your facebook hehe! Love ya chica and I'm so glad your doing this!